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If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already joined the many thousand professionals and serious hobbyists who have chosen GlassCast clear epoxy resin for their creative projects but you maybe don’t feel 100% sure which GlassCast resin you need… This page is here to help!

There are currently three resins in the GlassCast range; GlassCast 3, GlassCast 10 and GlassCast 50. The numbers relate to the thickness, in millimetres, that each resin is typically used at; i.e. 3mm, 10mm and 50mm.

See below for more information.

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 Glossy Coatings                         Smaller Castings                         Thick Castings               up to 5mm thick                                    up to 10mm thick              up to 50mm thick

Typical application for GlassCast 3 include Resin penny floors and Countertops                                                                                                              Typical applications for GlassCast 10 include wood and resin jewellery and artistic coasters                                                                                Typical applications for GlassCast 50 include river tables and clear resin guitars

For projects like:                                                      For projects like:                                                     For projects like:

Penny Floors                                                             Resin Jewellery                                                        River Tables

Decorative Floors                                                     Wood and Resin Jewellery                                    Knot-Holes and Large Gaps

Clear Coating on Artwork                                       3D Resin Art                                                             Clear Casting –

Resin Art                                                                    Clear Figurines or Casting                                      Wood Turning

Countertops / Kitchen Units                                  Pen Blanks

Glossy Bartops and Tabletops                                Knife Handles and Mikarta

Doming Labels / Badges                                          Thick Countertops

Resin Surfaces                                                            Resin Surfaces

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