GlassCast 10 Clear Casting Resin – Jewellery/ 3D Art/ Pen Blanks/ Clear Casting into Moulds

16.50520.96 (ex vat)

GlassCast® 10 is a water-clear, UV resistant epoxy casting resin suitable for castings and deep coatings up to 10mm in thickness. It is recommended for clear jewellery resin casting, 3D resin art, encapsulation and filling holes and gaps in wood (up to 10mm) and can be cast in multiple layers to an unlimited depth*. Open surface will require polishing. You could even add some Colour Pigments  (TranslucentSolid, Metallic, Silicone, Pinata, or Neon) to enhance your project.

Suggested uses;

  • Clear or tinted resin jewellery / paperweights.
  • Resin & wood jewellery / walking stick handles and furniture pieces.
  • 3D resin art / Pen Blanks
  • Thick counter-tops (with embedded objects)
  • Water effects for models / scenarios

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The Water-Clear Epoxy Casting Resin Ideal for Jewellery

GlassCast 10 is a water-clear, UV resistant clear casting resin developed for smaller or thinner castings such as jewellery, 3D resin-art, gaps/knots/wood inlays and more. It can be used to make parts up to around 10mm thick in a single pour.

Because GlassCast 10 has been developed as a casting resin and not a coating resin, it remains water-clear even in thick sections. It doesn’t however, self-level to quite the perfectly flat, glossy finish of our GlassCast 3 coating resin and would require a flat and polish if a perfect finish is required on the open face.

GlassCast 10 Recommended Uses

  • Resin jewellery – clear or tinted
  • Resin and ‘secret’ wood jewellery
  • 3D resin art – using layers, pigments and effects
  • Clear figurines or castings
  • Pen blanks, knife scales and other blanks
  • Thick counter-tops (up to 10mm) – with embedded objects
  • Simulated water on models or scenarios

GlassCast 10 Advantages

  • Incredibly clear – no epoxy beats it for clarity
  • Highly UV stable – GlassCast 10 is best-in-class
  • Natural air bubble release – almost zero trapped air without degassing
  • Low viscosity – ideal for intricate castings
  • Highly machinable – great for turning, shaping and polishing
  • 100% solids – zero shrinkage
  • No odour – VOC free

How to Use

GlassCast 10 has been developed for professional users to produce the best results possible. It is not a ‘craft’ product and not intended for children. Before purchase, storage or use you must read the Safety and Technical data. Having said that, GlassCast 10 is incredibly easy-to-use and delivers fantastic results under a wide range of conditions.

GlassCast 10 is sold as a kit which includes both the resin and hardener. When you are ready to pour, measure the resin and hardener at the correct ratio and mix thoroughly. Add any pigments or effects and then pour the resin – no more than 10mm deep – into your mould, cavity or wherever you’re using it. The resin will reach initial cure in around 24hrs.

Download the Technical Datasheet from the ‘Downloads’ tab for full details on correct measuring, mixing and use of the product.

Getting More Creative – Pigments, Tints and Metallics

Although GlassCast 10 is often used completely clear it is also compatible with our complete range of tints, solid-colour pigments and metallic-effect powders. Many other colours and powders can be added too but be sure to conduct a test to ensure compatibility.

Additional information

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GlassCast10 Epoxy Resin

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