GlassCast 50 Clear Casting Resin – River Tables/ Wood Turning-Bowls/ Large Jewellery

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GlassCast® 50 is the remarkable new water-clear epoxy casting resin from the makers of the famous GlassCast product. GlassCast 50 is perfect for creating thick, water-clear, bubble-free castings up to 25mm deep. It is especially recommended for river tables, knot filling and other furniture projects where you will be casting a very thick layer of resin (up to 25mm per pour) and require the best clarity. It can be layered to create deep castings of unlimited depth. You could even add some Colour Pigments  (Translucent, Solid, Metallic, Silicone Oil, Pinata, or Neon) to enhance your project.

Suggested uses:

  • River tables / knot holes
  • Wood and resin combination furniture (lamps, sculptures)
  • Clear castings / sculptures / Encapsulations / Paperweights

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The Super Clear Epoxy Deep Casting Resin for River Tables and More

Technical & Safety Data Sheets: GlassCast 50 – Technical Data sheet   /  GlassCast 50 – Safety Data sheet

GlassCast 50 is a water-clear, UV resistant epoxy casting resin developed specifically to meet the demands of thick section casting – especially in contact with wood – making it the ultimate ‘river table’ epoxy.

Its slow-curing formulation allows it to be poured in depths of up to 50mm (25mm into wood) per layer without overheating. GlassCast 50 has been formulated as a casting resin and not a coating resin meaning that it is water-clear even in very thick section. It doesn’t, however, self-level to quite the perfectly flat, glossy finish of our GlassCast 3 coating resin and usually requires a flat and polish if a perfect finish is required on the open face.

GlassCast 50 Recommended Uses

  • River tables (any total thickness, 25mm per pour)
  • Knot/hole filling in wood (with or without pigments or effects)
  • Clear casting (larger jewellery pieces, figurines, paperweights)
  • Wood turning (bowls, pen blanks)

GlassCast 50 Advantages

  • Incredibly clear – no epoxy beats it for clarity
  • Highly UV stable – GlassCast 50 is best-in-class
  • Natural air bubble release – almost zero trapped air without degassing
  • Highly machinable – great for turning, shaping and polishing
  • 100% solids – zero shrinkage
  • No odour – VOC free

How to Use

GlassCast 50 has been developed for professional users to produce the best results possible. It is not a ‘craft’ product and not intended for children. Before purchase, storage or use you must read the safety and technical data. Having said that, GlassCast 50 is incredibly easy-to-use and delivers fantastic results under a wide range of conditions.

GlassCast 50 is sold as a kit which includes both the resin and hardener in their correct ratios. The resin and hardener are mixed together at a ratio of two parts resin to one part hardener by volume. Because GlassCast 50 is designed for thicker castings, it needs to cure more slowly than other GlassCast resins and will take around 48hrs to cure.

GlassCast 50 is very often used for ‘river tables’ where the resin is poured into wood, in which case the insulating effect of the wood means that the total depth should be built-up at a maximum of 25mm per layer, allowing around 24hrs between layers. For detailed information and tips on using GlassCast to create the perfect river table, read the Resin River Table Handbook and study the GlassCast 50 technical datasheet.

Always download the Technical Datasheet for full details on correct measuring, mixing and use of the product.

Getting More Creative – Pigments, Tints and Metallics

Although GlassCast 50 is often used completely clear it is also compatible with our complete range of tints, solid-colour pigments and metallic-effect powders. Many other colours and powders can be added too but be sure to conduct a test to ensure compatibility.






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