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Honey Wax 100 is a pure, carnauba paste wax containing no silicones or fillers. It is designed for the composite fabricator who requires a very high-quality paste wax mould release agent.

Honey Wax 100 is an excellent mould release where purity, non-staining, and a hard-releasing film are important. Although application is somewhat more exacting than for processed waxes, the residual film is more durable and resistant to abrasion. It will readily accept PVA without fish-eyeing. Honey Wax 100 will also withstand higher temperatures than most processed waxes which can be critical for high exotherm resins. Due to the nature of its components and its ability to provide a hard, durable, waxy film, Honey Wax Mold Release Agent is highly recommended when breaking in new moulds or plugs.


Direction for Use (Recommended Procedure)

1. The mould surface should be thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants such as oils, grease, wax, dirt, or previous release agents. The cleaned surface should be completely dry.

2. Apply a thin, even film of Honey Wax® 100 using circular motions and ensuring there is complete uniform coverage. Use the applicator sponge or a clean, dry rag.

3. The coating should be left to haze completely. This process should take approximately 2-15 minutes depending upon ambient temperatures and humidity. Hazing is an important step, as all the solvents should evaporate completely before buffing. The wax film should be totally dry.

4. Buff the surface to a lustre using a fresh, clean absorbent cloth or micro fibre towel as soon as the wax film is totally dry.

5. Wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes before applying another coat of Honey Wax® 100. Five to seven applications initially will effectively fill the pores and coat the mould surface (The number of coats depends upon the porosity of the mould).

6. Once a part is pulled, apply two more coats of Honey Wax® 100.

7. For the third part, a single application will suffice. From this point on, multiple pulls can be achieved. If a new mould is being put into service and moulding is done with a polyester resin, it is recommended that PVA be used over the 5-7 coats of Honey Wax® 100 for the first 2 moulding cycles. This is not necessary if the mould is seasoned and being reconditioned.

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