PaiBoat Topfinish 2 Polish

7.4223.98 (ex vat)

Advanced, fast cutting polishing compound developed specifically for tough plastics like cured epoxy resin.

This high-tech polishing compound will cut faster and take the surface of your cured epoxy resin from a 1200 grit paper finish to a high level of gloss either by hand or using a power polisher.


PaiBoat TOPFINISH 2 is a fine finish polishing compound developed specifically for tough plastics like epoxy resin. The super fine nano-particle formulation can be used to achieve even higher levels of gloss on polished epoxy resin surfaces or be used to restore gloss to scratched or well-used surfaces.

It is highly recommended for use with all GlassCast resins and is ideal for finishing jewellery, table-tops, counters, river tables and many more projects to incredible levels of mirror-finish gloss. It should be used after a coarser cutting compound like NW1 in situations where the highest possible gloss is required.

Suggested Uses

TOPFINISH 2 is NOT a replacement for a coarser cutting compound such as NW1 Super Cutting Compound which should always be used after flatting GlassCast (to 1200 grit) using abrasive paper. Instead, it can be used as a second polishing compound to achieve an even higher level of gloss if required. Alternatively, TOPFINISH 2 can be used when restoring gloss to existing countertops, bartops, floors or jewellery pieces which may have become lightly scratched by use over time.

  • Improving the level of gloss on a river-table or counter-top
  • Polishing jewellery pieces or castings to a mirror-finish
  • Re-polishing tabletops, bartops and counter tops that have become scratched or been repaired.

How to Use

TOPFINISH 2 is a finishing compound and not a cutting compound. Before using TOPFINISH 2 the surface of your resin should already be smooth and glossy. If the surface has scratches they should only be very fine scratches from use, not remaining scratches from prior flatting and polishing.

Once the surface is ready to polish, apply a liberal amount of the TOPFINISH 2 using a clean cloth or wipe. A power polisher will yield the best results in the shortest possible time but it is also possible to polish epoxy resin using TOPFINISH 2 by hand.

If using a power-polisher, it is suggested to use a soft or medium soft (blue) polishing pad to match the TOPFINISH 2’s fine polishing action. When polishing, be careful to keep the pad moving so as to avoid building up too much heat in the resin. Add more compound as necessary.



H319 Causes serious eye irritation.

H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction.

H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

EUH066 Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.

Health Hazard / Hazardous To The Ozone Layer

Additional information

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Topfinish 2 Refinishing Polish

100g, 500g, 1kg


Data Sheets

pdficon_large PaiBoat TopFinish 2 (TDS)

pdficon_large PaiBoat TopFinish 2 (SDS)





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How much compound/ polish would I need... whats the average coverage of the different pack sizes?

It's hard to say how much compound gets used when polishing because it rather depends on how many times you need to go forwards and backwards between compound and papers (often you find there are still scratches and need to go back to the papers again!). In really broad terms, which I think is all it's realistic to come up with, I would say that for a one-off project, even a large one like polishing a whole resin-coated table, then the smallest 100g packs would be sufficient. This would apply to both types of compound (NW1 and the TOPFINISH2).

If you're using compounds regularly, for example if you're making resin products as a business, then you would have either the 500g or 1kg packs in stock and work your way through them over a period of months, replacing when necessary. Certainly a 500g pack of NW1 would be more than enough compound for lots (maybe 10+) river tables, for example.

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