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TriRoof Acrylic Roof Coating Overlay is a one-component polymeric composition. This repair system is ready for use and cold-applied on leaking roofs, gutters and similar structures.

Due to its all-weather application properties and ease of use, it is a popular choice for:

  • day to day refurbishment of failed industrial, commercial or domestic flat roofs
  • general patching repairs

TriRoof Acrylic contains fibres that form a membrane that can bridge small gaps and cracks as well as increase the strength of the waterproof coating.

It adheres to almost any properly prepared surface including felt, slate, bitumen, asphalt, brick, metal, asbestos, GRP and plastic.


TriRoof Acrylic Roof Coating Overlay should only be applied to structurally sound roof areas. For maximum effectiveness all roof surfaces must be sound, dry and free from contamination. Inspect roofing substrate to ensure suitability for coating. Remove any fungal growth and treat with a fungicidal wash.


Priming is not usually necessary when applying the Acrylic Coating Overlay System. However, pollution can cause localised anomalies which may result in adhesion problems. On-site adhesion tests must be carried out prior to application to ensure adequate adhesion is achieved. If necessary, apply by brush, roller or airless spray a priming coat of PU primer to all prepared surfaces at a normal coverage rate of 8m2/L. Rough or porous surfaces will significantly reduce the coverage rate. Allow to become touch dry. If the Acrylic Overlay is not applied within 7 days of the primer, re-prime the surface before applying.


TriRoof Acrylic Roof Coating Overlay System is applied at a rate of 0.5-1kg/m2. Treat all overlap joints, cracks, protrusions, upstands, etc. with an additional layer of the TriRoof Acrylic Roof Coating. For maximum effectiveness the first coat of the TriRoof Acrylic Roof Coating should be thoroughly scrubbed into the substrate ensuring that it penetrates all cracks and imperfections. For additional reinforcement over cracks or gaps embed the provided CSM fibre reinforcement strip into the compound. Apply the second coat liberally over the prepared area.

Drying Times

TriRoof Acrylic Roof Coating is touch dry after 6 hours at 20oC and hard after 12 hours at 20oC.

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