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Material Usage

From time to time we get a call from customers saying that they ran short of Resin or Flocoat after using our Roofing Kits.

Please be assured that our kit quantities are worked out not only using our independent calculations but as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Please Note: Resin consumption varies from operator to operator but to ensure you use the correct quantities we have come up with a couple of handy suggestions.

  1. Ratio of Resin/ Mat – 1.2kg Resin per sq meter of 450gm/m2 (1.50z) Chopped Mat. 1.5kg Resin per sq meter of 600gm/m2 (2oz) Chopped Mat
  2. Ensure your measurements are correct – did you allow for the Parapet/Valley or Velux upstand?
  3. Too much overlap on the Mat – suggested amount is 25ml
  4. Mixing quantities- more Resin is used if you mix smaller quantities rather than larger amounts.
  5. Curing too fast- use the recommended % of Hardener to the ambient temperature. Minimum 1% – Maximum 4%. Check our ‘Mixing Chart’ Click here
  6. We advise ordering a kit larger than the Roof size required i.e. 17sq area – use our 20sq mt kit.