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    Glassfibre Filler (Teroson UP 150)

    14.3626.94 (ex vat)

    Teroson UP 150 is a two-part unsaturated polyester body filler used for bridging and repairing holes on many surfaces such as steel, aluminium, galvanized surfaces and glass fibre. The right solution for lots of marine filling applications.

    Formerly known as Plastic Padding Glass Fibre Filler now is sold under the Teroson fillers brand owned by the Henkel company.

    The product consists of 2 parts – 1 part 15g x UP 190 hardener and 1 part x 743g of Teroson UP 150 filler.

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    Marine Filler (Teroson UP 610)

    14.9625.98 (ex vat)

    TEROSON® UP 610 is the universal unsaturated polyester body filler used for marine applications. It repairs transom/stern damages, stress cracks, keel and rudder surfaces, redundant holes, engine mountings, damaged and pitted propellers, cracks and holes on hulls and superstructures, damages caused by osmosis or crazing, gaps between hull and deck and worn and damaged superstructures.

    Marine filler fills and seals holes and cracks. Can be used underwater when over marine paint.

    Super smooth finish on wood, metal, glass fibre and aluminium. Can be painted with all marine finishes. Applications: Ideal for superstructure repairs

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    Gelcoat Filler (Teroson UP 620)

    19.86 (ex vat)

    Gelcoat filler is a white, waterproof gelcoat filler for surface repairs. It is paintable, easy to mix, apply, shape and sand. Suited to marine paint, can be painted with any marine paint. Use with glass-fibre Mat for structural repairs to GRP and can be used on glass-fibre or gelcoat. It has a working time of 8 min and a curing time of 20 min. Can tolerate temperatures up to +160°C. Net weight 241gm.

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    GRP Repair Kit (Small)

    32.76 (ex vat)
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    GRP Repair Kit (Medium)

    43.87 (ex vat)
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    GRP Repair Kit (Large)

    59.86 (ex vat)
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