Fabrics & Rovings

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  • 600/300gm Combination Mat (1.25mt wide)

    0.0012.95 (ex vat)

    Fabric consisting of 600g bi-directional Woven Roving stitched with Polyester Yarn to 300gm Chopped Strand Mat. Used for building layers rather than individual materials separately. Extremely Strong and time saving.

  • 600gm Woven Roving

    0.008.50 (ex vat)

    Glass fibre filaments, spun into a yarn then woven to make a cloth. It provides great strength with minimal thickness. Used as an alternate layer between Chopped Mat. Easy to wet out and drapes well.

  • Chopping Rovings (per 20kg roll)

    Used for spray laminating, the continuous roving is chopped in the spray gun & deposited together with resin on the mould. Available in rolls of approx. 20kgs

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  • 165gm Surfboard Fabric

    6.988.95 (ex vat)

    Perfect for sheathing Surfboards / Dinghy’s / Canoes / Model Building / Aviation. There are various other Fabrics available – Unidirectional / Biaxial / Quad axial / Double Biax stitched – Please contact us on 00353 1 466 3786

  • 210gm Glass Cloth (twin weave)

    7.709.85 (ex vat)

    For use in general sheathing work, more common with model makers. Twill weave has good drapability, it is also a very ‘soft’ cloth that will laminate into awkward shapes and tight corners.