Dispensing Taps

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  • Sale! Plastic Squeeze Bottle

    Plastic Squeeze Bottle with Angled Straw

    2.984.87 (ex vat)

    Plastic Squeeze Bottle with Angled Straw for Dispensing Water

    Plastic wash bottles with Swan neck and a fine control tip. Ideal for washing down. Polypropylene screw closure with its angled stem and draw tube moulded in one piece for leak-proof applications

    Available in three sizes; 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml.

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    Decanting Tap

    7.92 (ex vat)

    Plastic Tap used for decanting small quantities of Acetone or Polyester Resin from a 20lt or 25lt Plastic container.

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  • Plastic Acetone Tap

    8.90 (ex vat)

    Plastic Tap to fit 1″ threaded hole on 45 gal barrels of acetone

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    Pump Dispenser

    12.60 (ex vat)

    This Maxi Pump Dispenser is used for measuring accurately a 30ml /1 fl.oz. dose of liquid per pump.

    The 38mm screw head is suitable for 5 litre plastic containers. Lock-down pump head provides leak-proof shipment of product with pump in-situ.
    It is made from Polypropylene with stainless steel spring/valve.
    Please note: The 5lt plastic container (shown) is sold separately.

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    Metal Drum Tap

    49.75 (ex vat)

    Robust cast iron plug-less tap has a 2inch bsp thread suitable for dispensing viscous liquids (including Resins) from 240litre (225kg) drums.

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