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  • TriDrive Resin Kit (Part A + Part B)

    TriDrive Resin (Part A + Part B)

    116.28 (ex vat)

    TriDrive Resin is a two-part, polyurethane resin that is specifically designed for binding dry stone aggregate for use on driveways and paving areas. The resin is extremely hard-wearing and UV stable, meaning it doesn’t discolour when subject to prolonged sun exposure.

    TriDrive Resin comes in a 7kg pack size (split between 3.5kg Part A + 3.5kg Part B). This is specifically portioned out to bind exactly 100kg of aggregate.

    Our range of dry stone aggregate undergo a special kiln drying process to ensure that mositure content is minimised, which could otherwise impact the resin’s curing process. We stock a range of colours and sizes which can be found here.

    For General Health Information see section on hazards.

    To order in bulk quantities, please call us on 01 466 3786.

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