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    Wooden Mixing Sticks

    0.504.98 (ex vat)

    Wooden tongue depressors, approx 6″ (150mm) long, suitable for smaller mixes of Resin, Pigments and Flocoats.

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    Plastic Containers

    0.986.95 (ex vat)

    Used for mixing resins / topcoats and for cleaning tools in acetone. Unaffected by resin and can be reused by “cracking out” old resin build up. Lids can be supplied separately. Available in various sizes – 250ml / 500ml / 1lt / 2.5lt / 5lt / 10lt / 20lt / 15lt Black.

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    Calibrated Mixing Cups

    1.281.98 (ex vat)

    These re-usable, calibrated mixing cups are ideal for mixing GlassCast epoxy resins that require a mix ratio by volume – such as GlassCast 10 and GlassCast 50. Even when weighing your resin out, they are still a handy reusable pot for mixing resin.


    Please note: these containers are available for collection only.

  • Plastic Stirrer

    1.95 (ex vat)

    Wipe Clean and Reuse • Approx 27.5cm x 2.7cm • Useful when mixing Resins & Topcoats

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    Tray – Heavy duty mixing tray

    3.98 (ex vat)

    430mm (17″) Heavy duty plastic with ribbed interior to aid paint loading onto rollers.

    • Deeper tray for increased paint holding capacity.
    • Larger area reduces exothermic heat build up of resin’s which extends working time
    • Reusable – when substance is cured, just crack out the contents or clean with Acetone
    • Pouring spout
    • Please Note: Refill & Frame not included.
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    Bucket – 15lt Paint Scuttle

    5.87 (ex vat)

    Durable strong plastic with measuring scale.
    Ribbed interior to aid paint loading onto rollers.

    • Manufactured in strong, robust plastic
    • Capacity gradations included for easy measuring – Lt / Gal
    • 15lt (3 Gallon) capacity
    • Suitable for various sizes of refills
    • Strong steel hand
    • Reuasable
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    Precision Mini Scale

    14.86 (ex vat)

    Precision Mini Scale

    Mini digital scale with extra accuracy down to 0.1g specially for weighing smaller quantities of resins, hardeners and pigments where extra accuracy is needed.

    Perfect for jewellery makers, model-makers and in fact anyone generally working with smaller quantities of resins and pigments!

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    10kg Digital Scale

    17.82 (ex vat)

    These high capacity, high accuracy electronic digital scales are perfect for measuring GlassCast Resin and Hardener to the correct mix ratio.

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    Polypropylene Sheet – 100 x 100cm

    29.89 (ex vat)

    Polypropylene plastic sheet is ideal for use as a non-stick baseboard or barriers for your GlassCast epoxy resin projects. It has a smooth finish and is easy to cut and bond. Use it to create a base or sides for a river table or custom shaped containers for jewellery or wood turning projects.