Catalyst Mixing Charts

Catalyst Tips

1) Use an infrared thermometer to accurately measure the surface temperature of the roof.

2) Always use a minimum of 1% catalyst even in summer to ensure a thorough cure.

3) The maximum catalyst level to use is 4% – the cure time will not reduce with higher catalyst levels.

4) Never underestimate the effect of temperature. Resins and topcoats will not cure at or below freezing and we recommend they should be used above 7.5oC. Please note: resins and topcoat will cure a lot quicker in warmer conditions.

5) When applying Topcoat late in the day – add more catalyst to allow for the lack of sunlight but not above an addition level of 4%.

6) Summer grade catalysts are available to help slow the resin or topcoat down on hotter days.

7) Remember any catalysed resin left in the bucket will exotherm. Heat is generated as it cures and it should be left well away from other stored materials. If you are finished with the resin in the container water may be poured over it to suppress the heat gain, (do not use this once the water has been added).