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    Sandpaper Sheets

    From 0.00 (ex vat)

    80grit sand paper is used for sanding the cured fibreglass coat – to remove sharp strands and to abrade the surface prior to laying another layer of chopped strand mat or to painting the final Topcoat. Sold per sheet.

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    Calibrated Mixing Cups

    From 0.49 (ex vat)

    These re-usable, calibrated mixing cups are ideal for mixing GlassCast epoxy resins that require a mix ratio by volume – such as GlassCast 10 and GlassCast 50. Even when weighing your resin out, they are still a handy reusable pot for mixing resin.


    Please note: these containers are available for collection only.

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    Spreader – Notched

    From 0.49 (ex vat)

    Simple, reusable resin spreader perfect for spreading GlassCast epoxy resin over artwork, countertops, bartops, tables, floors and more.

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    Trimming Knife

    3.95 (ex vat)

    This retractable trimming knife is simple to use and safe to store.

    • Durable aluminium body
    • Spare blade storage inside
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    Hand Sander

    4.85 (ex vat)

    Professional Hand Sander

    • For use with sandpaper when smoothing all surfaces.
    • The padded surface gives improved sanding of uneven and rough surfaces
    • Simple wing nut for easy tightening and release of sandpaper securing bar.
    • Made of strong lightweight aluminium with polypropylene handle.
    • Dimensions – 240mm x 84mm
    • Lightweight handle.
    • Ideal for large surfaces such as plaster and dry wall.
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  • Paper Rolls

    6.50 (ex vat)

    Ideal for both light and medium duty wiping tasks.

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  • Sander Head

    9.85 (ex vat)

    Lightweight head for easy sanding of roof decks. It has a universal joint which can be used at any angle and comes with a cushion pad base. It also has wing nut to secure the clamps holding in the emery paper.

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  • Extension Pole

    12.95 (ex vat)

    Metal extension pole supplied complete with screw on adaptor to allow easy use with tapered handle if preferred. Length 825mm. Extends to 1390mm.

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    Fibreglass Extension Pole

    19.85 (ex vat)

    Heavy duty Fibreglass and aluminium construction.

    • 1200 x 2400mm (4-8′) length
    • Quick release “Double Click” locking mechanism.
    • Screw fit end with push-fit adapter.
    • Professional fibreglass telescopic extension pole
    • Compatible with screw thread or push in rollers and accessories
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    Lazer Thermometer

    38.95 (ex vat)

    Mini RayTemp infrared thermometer for routine day-to-day temperature checking.

    Ideal for measuring the temperature of the OSB board prior to applying the Resin & Chopped mat.

    No guessing on the amount of Hardener required for the resin & topcoat. See Catalyst Mixing Chart

    • Compact, lightweight & easy to use
    • Temperature range -50 to 330°C
    • Laser dot alignment
    • Target ratio 12:1

    Please note this should not be used for medical purposes

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