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  • Premier CrysticROOF Resin

    CrysticROOF ‘BBA Premier’ is a cold-applied GRP roofing system, fully BBA approved, which is proven as a long-lasting, leak-free alternative to traditional roofing materials, such as bitumen, felt and lead, and comes with a 25 year Guarantee if installed by a certified contractor (to qualify to become an approved CrysticROOF Premier installer you must attend a one day Training Course). Please Note: We can only sell the Premier System (Resin + Topcoat) to Certified Contractors.
    The CrysticROOF BBA Premier Resin system is specifically designed for producing seamless flat and pitched roofs, balconies, dorma windows and walkways, along with specialist Fire rated (achieves BS476 part 3) and cold weather CrysticROOF topcoat products.
    Manufactured from virgin raw material this Roofing Resin has a colour change system to show that catalyst addition has taken place. It also incorporates a Low Styrene Emission (LSE) technology, which minimises odours. For General Health Information see section on hazards.

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  • Special Purpose Resins

    0.00 (ex vat)

    Isophthalic and Vinyl ester Resin – Chemical Resistant resin – Fire retardant resin – Please contact us on +353 1 466 3786 for price and availability.

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  • Choose your GlassCast Resin

    If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already joined the many thousand professionals and serious hobbyists who have chosen GlassCast clear epoxy resin for their creative projects but you maybe don’t feel 100% sure which GlassCast resin you need… This page is here to help!

    There are currently three resins in the GlassCast range; GlassCast 3, GlassCast 10 and GlassCast 50. The numbers relate to the thickness, in millimetres, that each resin is typically used at; i.e. 3mm, 10mm and 50mm.

    See below for more information.

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    Polyester Resin (Lloyds Approved)

    8.94154.65 (ex vat)

    Polyester Resin is suitable for Boat building/ Car/ Tractor/ Truck/ Pond & Marine repairs. Can be bought online with next day delivery. Lloyds approved. Used in conjunction with Chopped strand mat and other reinforcements. Other types of Polyester and Epoxy Resins are available, like Roofing/ Casting.

    This is a general purpose top quality orthophthalic polyester resin which requires the addition of 1% – 4% MEKP Catalyst / hardener (included up to 10kgs) to make it set. See our catalyst mixing chart. Suitable for making car bodies, boats, general repair work. For General Health Information, see section on hazards.

    For larger quantities, 25kg+ 220kg or 1000kg IBC – please contact us on + 353 1 466 3786 as we are unable to dispatch these sizes through our normal couriers, they require Haz Chem drivers. The goods are in stock and available for collection if required.

  • Sale! Water Clear Casting Polyester Resin

    Water Clear Casting Polyester Resin + Hardener

    18.5069.80 (ex vat)

    Clear Casting Polyester Resin is a water clear polyester resin ideally suited to casting ornaments, making paperweights, preserve medical and biological specimens or making costume jewellery.

    If doing multiple pours of clear casting resin, great care should be taken in regards to the heat that is generated with each pour. Before each pour, it is best to ensure the first pour has cooled (and is cool to the touch) before adding the next batch of resin.

    Catalyst included. See our ‘Catalyst Mixing Chart‘. For General Health Information see section on hazards.

    Please view our GlassCast Epoxy Casting Resin which is more suitable for tabletops, bartops, decorative floor effects, furniture and creative projects.

  • Sale! GlassCast 3 range

    GlassCast 3 Clear Coating Resin – Penny Floors/ Table, Counter & Bartops/ Clear Coating

    19.87664.87 (ex vat)


    GlassCast® 3 epoxy resin is a remarkable clear epoxy resin developed specifically to provide a beautiful, hard wearing, clear gloss surface for tabletops, bartops, decorative floor effects, furniture and creative projects. You could also add some Colour Pigments  (Translucent, Solid, Metallic, Silicone Oil, Pinata, or Neon) to enhance your project.

    Suggested Uses;

    • Tabletops* (including embedments like bottletops, corks, pebbles)
    • Bartops* (including crushed glass, beer mats etc.)
    • Furniture (including reclaimed wood, driftwood, decoupage etc. & Penny Floors).

    How much resin will I need?

    Check out our GlassCast 3 Calculator to work out how much materials you will need for your project.

    See full details –  Video’s,  /   Tutorial (Penny FloorNeon Table)   /  FAQ’S


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    CrysticROOF Resin

    27.03151.44 (ex vat)

    CrysticRoof Resin has been specifically formulated for ease of application and to leave a tack free finish suitable for adhesion with the topcoat. It also boasts a colour change system to show that catalyst addition has taken place. Features Low Styrene Emission technology (LSE) – minimising odours. It is speciffically designed for Roofing application. Price excludes MEKP Catalyst. For General Health Information see section on hazards.

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    CrysticCOOL Cure Resin

    27.03174.99 (ex vat)

    CrysticROOF COOLCure is a lower temperature curing resin designed for application in cold weather down to as low as 5°C. An Installer can lengthen the building season later in winter and earlier in spring by using CrysticROOF COOLCure resin. It has been specifically developed to have a quicker curing speed than the standard CrysticROOF Resin. For General Health Information see section on hazards.