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    Shoe Covers

    0.50 (ex vat)

    High quality overshoes
    • Elasticated for extra grip around shoes
    • Anti-slip textured surface at the bottom
    • Tear resistant
    • Waterproof
    • Ideal for interior work to protect carpets and flooring

    Sold: Pack of 5 pair

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    Ear Plugs

    0.65 (ex vat)


    The soft polymer foam of these classic earplugs moulds comfortably to the shape of your ear canal, providing protection and an excellent seal against loud noise. They are also moisture resistant, providing ear protection even in hot and humid conditions. These earplugs conform to EN352-2 and are an essential item for noisy working environments. Attenuation detail: SNR=36dB – H=36dB, M=33dB, L=29dB.

    • Humidity absorption-resistant for use in moist conditions, flame-resistant.
    • Assumed protection at 8KHz-34dB.
    • Simplified noise level reduction 36dB.
    • Exposed surface texture resists movement and helps maintain an effective seal.
    • Sold – 1 pack of  two ear plugs.


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    Disposable Chemical Resistant Gloves

    From 1.80 (ex vat)

    Introducing the Microflex 93-260, the glove that’s changing the face of chemical hand protection. With an innovative three layer design, Microflex 93-260 offers the reliable protection workers need when handling chemicals.
    The glove’s unique, triple-layer construction features a soft interior specifically designed to enable easy donning and doffing. Its flexible middle layer delivers maximum protection against acids and bases, while the durable exterior delivers maximum protection against organic solvents.
    The Microflex 93-260 provides such tough chemical protection that it has met requirements for EN 374 certification in Europe. When tested against aggressive chemicals like Sulfuric Acid, N Heptane, Hexane and Methanol, the Microflex 93-260 demonstrates impressive permeation breakthrough times.
    Made with an innovative nitrile and neoprene composite material, the Microflex® 93-260 measures only 7.8 mil (0.19 mm) thick and delivers all the benefits of a single-use, splash resistant glove: exceptional comfort, fit, dexterity and grip.
    50 Gloves per box. Size:XL (9.5 – 10)

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    Disposable Mask

    1.89 (ex vat)


    • Adjustable nose bridge.
    • Space saving design.
    • Adjustable elastic straps.
    • Dolomite clogging tested, gives better breathing resistance and for a longer time period.
    • Easy breathe exhale valve.
    • Individually packed.
    • Fits neatly into a breast pocket.

    • Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP3 NR D

    For Hazard Type: Toxic dusts, fumes and water-based mists.
    Example: Working with hardwood, glass fibres and plastic (non PVC), metalwork and welding.

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    1 pair (XL) Rubber Glove

    3.85 (ex vat)

    Heavy duty flock lined natural rubber glove.

    Jet™ Black is a heavy duty flock lined rubber glove, offering good chemical and mechanical protection. This natural rubber glove performs well to protect against a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents. Chlorinated to harden the surface, it is smooth to the touch and attains a good EN388 score for abrasion, making it extremely durable. The slip resistant pattern on the palm of the glove ensures good grip in both dry and wet conditions, and it has a beaded cuff to prevent liquid rollback. Its anatomical shape and flexibility minimise hand fatigue and the soft cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration keeping the hands cool and comfortable. Contains a fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent for hygiene.


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    Safety Glasses

    3.98 (ex vat)

    • Wrap around spectacle.
    • Anti fog polycarbonate lens.
    • Scratch resistant.
    • Adjustable side arms.
    • Low impact & 99.9% UV protected.
    • Nylon frame.
    • Conforms to EN166 -1F.
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    Hi-Viz Safety Vest

    4.35 (ex vat)

    This pre-packed multi-functional vest is high visibility with reflective tape on the shoulders, arms and body for added protection in poor lighting. It has 2 internal Velcro pockets and a front clear ID pocket for identity or business cards. Also features contrast colour edging and sewn-on loops for radios. Suitable for building sites, road working, walking, cycling and horse riding.      This product conforms to EN 471 Class 2.

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    4.88 (ex vat)

    Disposable Oversleeve. Elasticated both ends.

    Offering simple, effective protection, these over sleeves are great for splashes.

    Please note: these oversleeves are Non compliant and are not chemical resistant.

    Sold – pack of 100 pair.

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    9.45 (ex vat)

    Extremely comfortable with its modular design. Combines with visor to offer full face protection.

    • Ball-pivot adjustment on elasticated strap
    • Overflow chute for liquids
    • Fits over prescription glasses
    • Foam seal option available
    • Vented/ Sealed options available
    • Compatible with half-mask respirator

    Approved to EN166/170/172 1 39
    Polycarbonate lenses meet B for impact and hold the T rating for temperature
    Acetate lens meets F for impact

    BLEPSI sealed option also meets 4 and 5.

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  • Nitrile Gloves (XL) Box of 100

    12.95 (ex vat)

    Box of 100 lightly powdered X large nitrile gloves. These are tough, sensitive, non-sterile gloves with many uses. Ambidextrous with beaded cuff. Size: XL

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    Hand Cleaner

    From 12.95 (ex vat)

    Kleen-All Paste is a pleasant and easy to use general purpose hand cleanser that has become established as the market leader in products designed for the safe and effective removal of the most stubborn contaminates.

    Designed for use by Industry Professionals such as: – Paint Sprayer Engineers, Print Workers Mechanics, Fibreglass users, where it is difficult to clean dirty hands without resorting to the use of harsh solvents which defat the skin and can cause irritations, skin cracks and dermatitis.

    Kleen-All is a blend of powerful but gentle surfactants together with DBE (dibasic ester) and non abrasive polygrains for rapid cleaning action.

    Feature & Benefits;

    • Removes ALL PAINTS including 2 pack type
    • Removes INKS, GREASE and GRIME.
    • No need to use harmful solvents.
    • Citrus fragrance.
    • Leaves hands clean and refreshed.
    • Economic in use.
  • gloveman-natural-latex-gloves-xl-100-pack

    Latex Gloves (XL) Box of 100

    12.95 (ex vat)
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    White PVC Apron

    12.96 (ex vat)

    Suitable against chemical & Fluid splash

    • Provides good abrasion resistance
    • Offers some chemical resistance
    • Flexible, light and tough
    • One size fits all
    • Sold and packaged individually
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    White Disposable Suit XL

    14.95 (ex vat)

    Disposable Boiler Suit to protect that has been designed to allow breathability whilst offering protection against splash and hazardous dusts.

    Hooded coverall.
    • Robust, yet lightweight.
    • 3 piece hood.
    • Elasticated face, wrist and ankles.
    • Excellent barrier to fine particles and fibres.
    • Ultra-low linting.
    • Stitched external seams.
    • Suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical processing, oil and gas industry, maintenance spray painting and many other applications.

    • Conforms to: CAT III, TYPE 5B, 6B. EN 1073-2, EN 1149-5, EN14126

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    Fibreglass Safety Kit – Standard

    18.78 (ex vat)

    This Kit contains a selection of high quality vital body protection which should be used when working and handling with Liquid Chemicals and Sanding Fibreglass materials. Please note: The products shown are for general Fibreglass use i.e. Glassfibre Repair/ Roofing Contractor etc. More specialised areas such as Moulding workshops, Spraying etc. may require different needs. For further Safety Information please view our Health & Safety section on our web-site.

    Contents: Tyvek® Protech Suit – 1 Full body protection, elasticated face, wrist & ankles, Category III Type 5B,6B/ 2 pair Chemical Resistant Disposable Gloves Cat 111 EN 374/ I Wrap around Spectacles EN166-F1- for Sanding/ 1 Disposable fold flat Mask, FFP3, dust & fume EN149:2009/ 3 pair Disposable Shoe Covers – elasticated ankles/ 2 pair Disposable Sleeve Covers – elasticated wrist & elbow, protects cloths/ 2 pair Ear Plugs – 3M™ Classic, 36db, all day comfort/ Name Tag – Identification & Ownership Fob, mixed colours/ Re-sealable bags – storage for safety Glasses & Mask/ 2.5lt White Container + Lid – for safe overall up-keep of the above items/ Full contents description + Health & Safety Information.

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    3M 4251 Respirator

    46.75 (ex vat)

    Maintenance free design for maximum safety and simplicity. Low resistance parabolic valve to reduce heat build-up. Soft/Non-allergenic face piece material. Supplied in a hermetically sealed foilbag to extend shelf life and prevent contamination. Meets european standard EN405:2002 for valved filtering half mask respirators for gases or gas and particulate combinations.

    • Organic vapour and particulate respirator
    • Unique design with integral filters
    • Exempt from the maintenance requirements of coshh regulations if disposed of within the month
    • Flexible, soft, non-allergenic face piece
    • Exhalation valve for effective removal of heat and moisture build up
    • Resealable bag provides clean and convenient storage between uses
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