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    Glassfibre Filler (Teroson UP 150)

    14.3626.94 (ex vat)

    Teroson UP 150 is a two-part unsaturated polyester body filler used for bridging and repairing holes on many surfaces such as steel, aluminium, galvanized surfaces and glass fibre. The right solution for lots of marine filling applications.

    Formerly known as Plastic Padding Glass Fibre Filler now is sold under the Teroson fillers brand owned by the Henkel company.

    The product consists of 2 parts – 1 part 15g x UP 190 hardener and 1 part x 743g of Teroson UP 150 filler.

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    Marine Filler (Teroson UP 610)

    14.9625.98 (ex vat)

    TEROSON® UP 610 is the universal unsaturated polyester body filler used for marine applications. It repairs transom/stern damages, stress cracks, keel and rudder surfaces, redundant holes, engine mountings, damaged and pitted propellers, cracks and holes on hulls and superstructures, damages caused by osmosis or crazing, gaps between hull and deck and worn and damaged superstructures.

    Marine filler fills and seals holes and cracks. Can be used underwater when over marine paint.

    Super smooth finish on wood, metal, glass fibre and aluminium. Can be painted with all marine finishes. Applications: Ideal for superstructure repairs

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    ET500 Structural Epoxy Adhesive

    34.92 28.76 (ex vat)

    ET500 is a fast curing, clear, rigid two-part engineering grade epoxy structural adhesive. ET500 has very good bond strength to a wide variety of substrates including metals, composites, wood, ceramics and some plastics.

    5min cure. Supplied in a twin cartridge pack (1:1 ratio, resin and hardener).

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    Epoxy Repair Kit

    43.90 37.50 (ex vat)


    • For gluing, filling, fairing, coating, filleting and laminating
    • Ideal for emergencies or general maintenance and repair
    • Instruction sheet included


    A handy self-contained kit which contains all materials to carry out quick structural and sealing repairs on GRP, wood and steel boats.


    Structural and sealing repairs on GRP, wood or steel boats

    Full Pack Contents

    250ml Handipack resin / 125ml Handipack hardener / 2 calibrated mixing pots / 1 pot of microballoons (to make filler) / 1 pot of colloidal silica / 1 pot of mirofibres (to make glue) / 2 glue brushes / 2 mixing sticks / 2 pairs of nitrile gloves / 1 meter or fibreglass tape.

    Please view the Data Sheets for further information.

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    Handypack – Multipurpose Epoxy System

    42.46 38.60 (ex vat)

    SP Epoxy Resin Handypack 375ml

    • Ideal for repairs and other small tasks
    • Suitable for gluing, coating, laminating and filling
    • Simple 2:1 by volume mix ratio
    • Supplied with dispensing pumps

    Specifically designed for quick repair work and other small tasks, this solvent free epoxy has a 2:1 mix ratio and is supplied with a free pump set. Whether gluing or coating, Handipack has a justified reputation for giving great results as well as being easy and economical to use.

    Multi purpose resin ideal for coating, laminating, gluing or filling wood, metals and concrete. Complete with pump.

    Please view the Data Sheets below for more information.

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    Surfboard Resin

    58.75 49.50 (ex vat)

    SP 115 is a low viscosity, ultra-clear epoxy laminating system. It has been designed for the manufacture of laminates such as those used in sail and surfboards which are to remain unpainted, and where a very clear finishis required. In this way colourful embedded graphics and attractive fabric weave styles can be kept visible. For General Health Information see section on hazards.

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    SP Ampro Epoxy Resin

    49.87469.85 (ex vat)

    AMPRO™ is an award winning, latest generation multi-purpose epoxy system from Gurit.  It is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for bonding, coating, laminating and filling.


    • SP 106 re-engineered
    • 3 : 1 mix ratio by volume
    • No surface residue, even at +5°C
    • For bonding, laminating & filling
    • Available with Fast (F) Hardener – this is what you will receive

    For General Health Information see section on hazards.

    For 13kg and 26kg packs – as well as Slow (SL) & Extra Slow (XS) Hardeners, please contact the office at +353 (1) 466 3786

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    Carbon Fibre XCR Skinning Starter Kit

    54.20154.34 (ex vat)

    This updated version of our Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit includes the very latest XCR resin technology for brighter clarity, improved UV stability, self air-releasing and quicker processing – this new version is the ultimate carbon coating system which can deliver stunning results in the shortest possible time.

    Also included in the new carbon fibre skinning kit is an upgraded XCR Carbon Skinning Basecoat for a far darker, quicker curing basecoat, top-end Mirka abrasive wet-and-dry papers and the incredible Pai Cristal NW1 fast-cutting polishing compound.


    • Clearer, brighter appearance
    • Improved UV stability
    • Expels trapped air (no bubbles)
    • Faster curing for quicker over-coating
    • Blacker, faster curing basecoat
    • Faster cutting NW1 polishing compound

    Find out more about the incredible XCR Epoxy Coating Resin and NW1 Polishing Compound included in the new XCR Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit.