100g Woven Glassfibre Fabric

6.988.95 (ex vat)


This super-lightweight Woven Glassfibre Fabric is a very high performance E glass perfect for more advanced composites use. At 100g/sq.m, the fabric is the weight of choice for projects such as sheathing Surfboards, Dinghy’s, Canoes, Model Building, UAVs, Robotics and other precision applications.

Typical Uses

Woven Glassfibre Fabric at this weight can be used to laminate a GRP skin onto larger model aircraft wings and fuselages, RC boat hulls or professional scale models or precision engineering or modelling applications.

This woven ‘E’ glass does not include any chemical binders and therefore is suitable for use with any resin system including epoxy, polyester and vinylester.

Small Quantities are Folded

Woven glass reinforcement is not considered a cosmetic reinforcement and, as such, small quantities – up to 5m – will be carefully folded in a pack. This avoids long package surcharges and therefore reduces the shipping price you will pay and does not affect the performance of the material.

Cloth is 1000mm wide and sold by the linear meter. Please select quantity range from dropdown menu (i.e. 1-4 mt) and enter the specific quantity you wish to order in the box beside the ‘add to basket’ button.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg

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How much resin will I need to wet out the woven glassfibre fabric?

For wet-lay lamination you will use approximately the same weight of resin as the weight of the fabric. For example, with a 200gsm cloth, for 1 square metre you will have 200g of fabric and thus will need 200g of resin to wet it out, plus a small amount of wastage for the brush and mixing pot.

Is the 100g twill material suitable for moulding to compound curves

Yes, due to its light weight and thinness, the 100gsm woven glass will conform to many curves including some compound curves where the thin nature of the fabric will allow the weave to move and distort slightly to help with those compound curves.

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