Epoxy Casting Resin

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    Wooden Mixing Sticks

    0.504.98 (ex vat)

    Wooden tongue depressors, approx 6″ (150mm) long, suitable for smaller mixes of Resin, Pigments and Flocoats.

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    Plastic Containers

    0.986.95 (ex vat)

    Used for mixing resins / topcoats and for cleaning tools in acetone. Unaffected by resin and can be reused by “cracking out” old resin build up. Lids can be supplied separately. Available in various sizes – 250ml / 500ml / 1lt / 2.5lt / 5lt / 10lt / 20lt / 15lt Black.

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    Sandpaper Sheets

    1.05 (ex vat)

    80grit sand paper is used for sanding the cured fibreglass coat – to remove sharp strands and to abrade the surface prior to laying another layer of chopped strand mat or to painting the final Topcoat. Sold per sheet.

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    Spreader – Notched

    1.295.90 (ex vat)

    Simple, reusable resin spreader perfect for spreading GlassCast epoxy resin over artwork, countertops, bartops, tables, floors and more.

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    Disposable Chemical Resistant Gloves

    1.8014.98 (ex vat)

    Introducing the Microflex 93-260, the glove that’s changing the face of chemical hand protection. With an innovative three layer design, Microflex 93-260 offers the reliable protection workers need when handling chemicals.
    The glove’s unique, triple-layer construction features a soft interior specifically designed to enable easy donning and doffing. Its flexible middle layer delivers maximum protection against acids and bases, while the durable exterior delivers maximum protection against organic solvents.
    The Microflex 93-260 provides such tough chemical protection that it has met requirements for EN 374 certification in Europe. When tested against aggressive chemicals like Sulfuric Acid, N Heptane, Hexane and Methanol, the Microflex 93-260 demonstrates impressive permeation breakthrough times.
    Made with an innovative nitrile and neoprene composite material, the Microflex® 93-260 measures only 7.8 mil (0.19 mm) thick and delivers all the benefits of a single-use, splash resistant glove: exceptional comfort, fit, dexterity and grip.
    50 Gloves per box. Size:XL (9.5 – 10)

  • Plastic Stirrer

    1.95 (ex vat)

    Wipe Clean and Reuse • Approx 27.5cm x 2.7cm • Useful when mixing Resins & Topcoats

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    Safety Glasses

    3.98 (ex vat)

    • Wrap around spectacle.
    • Anti fog polycarbonate lens.
    • Scratch resistant.
    • Adjustable side arms.
    • Low impact & 99.9% UV protected.
    • Nylon frame.
    • Conforms to EN166 -1F.
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    Metallic Pigment Powders

    3.9849.80 (ex vat)

    High quality metallic-effect powder pigments for use with GlassCast® clear epoxy casting and coating resins. Adding just a few grams of these potent powders to your resin will create eye-catching shimmering colour effects which move and react in the light.


  • Sale! Curl Pigments

    Solid Colour Pigments – 20ml

    4.656.98 (ex vat)

    Super-concentrated, solid colour liquid pigments used to add strong, vibrant, opaque colour to resin for projects including resin flow art, countertops, decorative flooring, wood inlays, resin castings and more. Just a single drop can create a see-through colour tint, whilst adding more pigment will create a solid colour – see below for more details.

  • Nitrile Gloves (XL) Box of 100

    12.95 (ex vat)

    Box of 100 lightly powdered X large nitrile gloves. These are tough, sensitive, non-sterile gloves with many uses. Ambidextrous with beaded cuff. Size: XL

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  • gloveman-natural-latex-gloves-xl-100-pack

    Latex Gloves (XL) Box of 100

    12.95 (ex vat)
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  • TriCast 10 Epoxy Resin Bundle (Edited)

    TriCast 10 Crystal Clear Epoxy Casting Resin

    39.86528.76 (ex vat)

    TriCast 10 – Fully transparent epoxy resin coating for Bar Tops, Countertops, Table Tops, Fine Art Paintings, Collages, Canvas, Furniture, Jewellery, Photos, Arts & Crafts. 

    100% Crystal Clear Castings up to 10mm in depth. BPA (Bisphenol A) free.

    Suitable for applications in art and decoration to make transparent objects from 1 mm up to 10 mm such as thin inclusions, embeddings, wood surface sealing and coatings.

    Resin Properties

    • High transparency
    • Fast Cure
    • Low viscosity
    • Self-degassing behaviour
    • Single pour casting up to 10 mm
    • Strong UV resistance

  • TriCast 50 Epoxy Resin Bundle (Edited)

    TriCast 50 Crystal Clear Epoxy Casting Resin

    39.86528.76 (ex vat)

    TriCast 50 – Epoxy Resin for Deep Pours in applications such as River Resin Tables

    100% Crystal Clear Casting Resin

    TriCast 50 is suitable for single, deep pours up to 50mm and is suitable for a variety of applications including furniture-making e.g. River Resin Tables

    Resin Properties

    • High transparency
    • Low viscosity
    • Self-degassing behaviour
    • Single pour casting up to 50 mm
    • Good UV resistance