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  • Sale! white 20 litre tin containing polyester resin

    Polyester Resin (Lloyds Approved)

    8.95159.75 (ex vat)

    Norsodyne H 13302 TAE is a general purpose polyester resin that is suitable for a wide range of applications, including: Marine, Roofing, Auto Repairs, Pond & Wet-Room Tanking.

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    CrysticROOF Resin

    27.03151.44 (ex vat)

    CrysticRoof Resin has been specifically formulated for ease of application and to leave a tack free finish suitable for adhesion with the topcoat. It also boasts a colour change system to show that catalyst addition has taken place. Features Low Styrene Emission technology (LSE) – minimising odours. It is speciffically designed for Roofing application. Price excludes MEKP Catalyst. For General Health Information see section on hazards.

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    CrysticCOOL Cure Resin

    27.03174.99 (ex vat)

    CrysticROOF COOLCure is a lower temperature curing resin designed for application in cold weather down to as low as 5°C. An Installer can lengthen the building season later in winter and earlier in spring by using CrysticROOF COOLCure resin. It has been specifically developed to have a quicker curing speed than the standard CrysticROOF Resin. For General Health Information see section on hazards.

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    CrysticROOF Topcoat.

    34.31181.47 (ex vat)

    CrysticRoof Topcoat is made from an Isophthalic base resin which means it gives superior performance in finish. It has been developed to ensure good intrinsic weathering properties with excellent UV and water resistance. Formulated to be easy to apply by both roller and brush and to provide a tack free finish when cured. The topcoats come pre-pigmented (standard Dark grey – RAL 7011 ) for your convenience. It is suitable for use in general flat roofing application. Please Note: Catalyst (hardener) must also be added to the Topcoat in order for it to cure. For General Health Information see section on hazards.