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    Plastic Containers

    From 0.89 (ex vat)

    Used for mixing resins / topcoats and for cleaning tools in acetone. Unaffected by resin and can be reused by “cracking out” old resin build up. Lids can be supplied separately. Available in various sizes – 250ml / 500ml / 1lt / 2.5lt / 5lt / 10lt / 20lt / 15lt Black.

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    Hand Cleaner

    From 12.95 (ex vat)

    Kleen-All Paste is a pleasant and easy to use general purpose hand cleanser that has become established as the market leader in products designed for the safe and effective removal of the most stubborn contaminates.

    Designed for use by Industry Professionals such as: – Paint Sprayer Engineers, Print Workers Mechanics, Fibreglass users, where it is difficult to clean dirty hands without resorting to the use of harsh solvents which defat the skin and can cause irritations, skin cracks and dermatitis.

    Kleen-All is a blend of powerful but gentle surfactants together with DBE (dibasic ester) and non abrasive polygrains for rapid cleaning action.

    Feature & Benefits;

    • Removes ALL PAINTS including 2 pack type
    • Removes INKS, GREASE and GRIME.
    • No need to use harmful solvents.
    • Citrus fragrance.
    • Leaves hands clean and refreshed.
    • Economic in use.
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    G4 Pond Sealer (Clear)

    59.75 (ex vat)

    Deep bonding plastic coating for concrete, quick and simple.

    No Primer needed, can be used at low temperatures.  Seal out lime.

    G4 Pond Seal is a one component polyurethane which forms a non-porous, tough, durable but flexible seal.  It is browny translucent in  colour. Seals porous substrates such as concrete and brick. G4 will not seal concrete or lightweight blocks, these need to be rendered before application. When used for sealing ponds, any substrate below the water line must be cement rendered. G4 can be used at low temperatures, down to 0°c and in areas of relative high humidity. G4 cannot be used on bitumen of pond liners.