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    Carbon Fibre XCR Skinning Starter Kit

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    This updated version of our Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit includes the very latest XCR resin technology for brighter clarity, improved UV stability, self air-releasing and quicker processing – this new version is the ultimate carbon coating system which can deliver stunning results in the shortest possible time.

    Also included in the new carbon fibre skinning kit is an upgraded XCR Carbon Skinning Basecoat for a far darker, quicker curing basecoat, top-end Mirka abrasive wet-and-dry papers and the incredible Pai Cristal NW1 fast-cutting polishing compound.


    • Clearer, brighter appearance
    • Improved UV stability
    • Expels trapped air (no bubbles)
    • Faster curing for quicker over-coating
    • Blacker, faster curing basecoat
    • Faster cutting NW1 polishing compound

    Find out more about the incredible XCR Epoxy Coating Resin and NW1 Polishing Compound included in the new XCR Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit.