Fibreglass Safety Kit – Premier

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This Kit contains a selection of high quality vital body protection which should be used when working and handling with Liquid Chemicals and Sanding Fibreglass materials. Please note: The products shown are for general Fibreglass use i.e. Glassfibre Repair/ Roofing Contractor etc. More specialised areas such as Moulding workshops, Spraying etc. may require different needs. For further Safety Information please view our Health & Safety section on our web-site.

Contents: Tyvek® Protech Suit – 1 Full body protection, elasticated face, wrist & ankles, Category III Type 5B,6B/ 2 pair Chemical Resistant Disposable Gloves Cat 111 EN 374/ 1 pair Gloves – Chemical & Mechanical type, Slip Resistant on palm, EN 374-1-2-3 AKL/ I Wrap around Spectacles EN166-F1- for Sanding/ 1 Goggle – Sealed, Chemical protection, Acetate Lens 2-1,2,1 BT 9 CE/ 1 Disposable fold flat Mask, FFP3, dust & fume EN149:2009/ 1 Respirator – 3M 4251 Twin Inhalation valves, FFA1P2, EN 405: 2001+A1, organic vapours/ 2 Disinfectant Wipes for 3M™ 4251 Respirator/ 3 pair Disposable Shoe Covers – elasticated ankles/ 2 pair Disposable Sleeve Covers – elasticated wrist & elbow, protects cloths/ 3 pair Ear Plugs – 3M Classic, 36db, all day comfort/ Name Tag – Identification & Ownership Fob, mixed colours/ Re-sealable bags – storage for safety Glasses & Mask/ 5lt White Container + Lid – for safe overall up-keep of the above items/ Full contents description + Health & Safety Information.

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  1. Tyvek® Protech Suit (1) – Full Body & Head protection/ Elasticated face, wrist & ankles/ Zipper with Storm Flap/ Antistatic/ Category III Type 5B,6B EN 1073-2, EN1149-5, EN14126 for liquid chemicals
  1. Gloves (2) – Chemical Resistant/ Three layer design/ Textured Fingertips/ Flexible/ Ambidextrous Extended cuffs/ Disposable / Confirms to EN420, 374 & 388 Cat 111 + ASTM D 3577, Type II
  1. Gloves (1) – Chemical & Mechanical Resistant/ Heavy Duty/ Extremely Durable Rubber/ Slip Resistant on palm/ Beaded Cuff/Chlorinated/ EN374-1-2-3AKL, EN388,420:2003+A1:2009
  1. Spectacles (1) – Wrap around/ Anti mist & fog/ Polycarbonate lens/ Scratch resistant/ Adjustable side arms/ Low impact/ 99.9% UV Protective/ Nylon Frame/ Confirms to EN166-F1/ For Sanding
  1. Goggle (1) – Chemical protection against liquid droplets or splashes/ All-round vision Sealed/ Continuous work/ Anti-Scratch-fog/ Lens: Acetate 2-1,2,1 BT 9 CE/ Frame: EN166 3 9 BT CE
  1. Mask (1) –FFP3 Valved/ Fold Flat / Used for Toxic dusts, fumes & Glassfibres/ Adjustable elastic straps/ Low Breathing Resistance/ Fits into pocket/ Confirms to EN 149:2009 + A1:2009 FFP3 NR D
  1. Respirator (1) – 3M™ 4251 (FFA1P2) Half Mask/ Twin Inhalation valves/ Low Breathing Resistance/ Neck strap & Head cradle/ EN 405:2001+A1:2009 and AS/NZS 1716:2003/ Organic Vapours
  1. Disinfectant wipes (2) – Used for internal cleaning of the 3M™ 4251 Respirator
  1. Disposable Shoe Covers (3) – Waterproof/ Elasticated Ankle/ Tear resistant/ Embossed for grip
  1. Disposable sleeve Covers (2) – Polythene/ Elasticated wrist & elbow/ Protects cloths
  1. Ear Plugs (3) – 3M™ E-A-R™ Classic/ 36 Decibel/ Textured surface/ All Day comfort
  1. Name Tag (1) – Identification & Ownership Fob/ Mixed Colours/ Write on Facility
  1. White Plastic 10lt container + Re-sealable Bags/ lid and Handle – used to protect your PPE items
  1. Health & Safety Information Sheet

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