5sq meter Fibreglass Roofing Kit (heavy duty)

155.66 141.51 (ex vat)

Kit Contents:+

  • 7.5kgs CrysticROOF Polyester Resin
  • 5 meters 600gm/m2 Chopped Mat (heavy duty)
  • 2.5kgs CrysticROOF (dark grey) Polyester Topcoat
  • 500gm Catalyst

This Fibreglass kit provide sufficient resin / topcoat and catalyst for a single layer (600gm/m2) of Chopped Strand Mat to cover the area required.

The materials are specifically selected from the CrysticROOF range of products which gives you the assurance that when installed correctly, your roof will provide you with long term UV resistance and will remain watertight and maintenance free for many years.

To order, just choose your roof size and use the links below to select your Trims/ Glassfibre Tape and Tool kit pack.

For General Health Information see section on hazards.

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