ER40-30 Simulated Lead Rolled Joint

17.3519.48 (ex vat)

ER40/30 is used to simulate the appearance of raised rolled lead joints. The trims should be nailed to the roof deck, any nail heads or joints bandaged and the whole trim laminated over.

Use the C6 closures to cap the ends – nail to the deck and use Fix ALL adhesive to secure to the ER40/30 trim.

In 3 metre lengths:

  • ER40/30 – 50 x 40mm

Please Note: Our nationwide courier has notified us that they cannot carry any 3mt lengths (max 2mt). So the only option we have is to cut it to any length you require. If this is not acceptable, please contact us on 01 466 3786 to make alternative arrangements (which will incur extra costs).

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