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    CrysticROOF Topcoat.

    34.31181.47 (ex vat)

    CrysticRoof Topcoat is made from an Isophthalic base resin which means it gives superior performance in finish. It has been developed to ensure good intrinsic weathering properties with excellent UV and water resistance. Formulated to be easy to apply by both roller and brush and to provide a tack free finish when cured. The topcoats come pre-pigmented (standard Dark grey – RAL 7011 ) for your convenience. It is suitable for use in general flat roofing application. Please Note: Catalyst (hardener) must also be added to the Topcoat in order for it to cure. For General Health Information see section on hazards.

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    Brown Polyurethane Foam – Part A + B

    49.50184.69 (ex vat)

    A 2 part liquid foam when mixed together in equal parts can expand up to 25 times its original volume and set rigid. It is extremely buoyant. 1 cubic foot will support 27kg in water and will bond well to most materials. It should always be protected by a GRP skin because, although closed cell and water-proof when set. It will absorb water when crushed. 1kg of liquid foam = 1 cubic foot when expanded under conditions of 18°c. Lower temperatures produce less foam. For General Health Information see section on hazards.