White Virgin Aluminium Oxide – Slip Resistant Grit

12.50198.60 (ex vat)

White Aluminium Oxide

White aluminum oxide is used as a durable and efficient non-skid media. The white color minimizes the ‘darkening’ or ‘dilution’ of colored coatings. The angular shape of aluminum oxide makes it an ideal grit for use in a variety of non-skid applications including concrete floors, stairs and boat decks. The inert nature of aluminum oxide allows it to be used with a variety of coating materials. The hardness of the grit particle creates a durable, long-lasting surface that requires minimal maintenance.

The grit is used to produce an extremely hardwearing slip resistant surface. It can come pre-mixed or sprinkled onto a final flocoat or resin surface while still wet (pre-mixed looks better). Especially useful on workboats where abrasion to the GRP laminate is caused by ropes and chains. Also on Balconies and steps where a degree of slip resistant is required. Supplied as Grade 24 (medium grade).

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